Doing things the green way

Ribby Hall Village is situated in a fantastic part of the country; we are lucky to have so much on our door step including; fantastic local produce, beautiful landscapes and a unique culture and heritage. At Ribby Hall Village we do our best to do business in the most sustainable way possible. On these pages you will find out about our commitment and achievements in sustainability, our future plans and also how you can help us to achieve our environmental objectives. 

Whether you are looking for an environmentally friendly holiday, a conference with a conscience, or you just want to know about how we care for our surrounding, you are sure to find it here! Why not share your thoughts on our green initiatives through social media or speak to our Green Team through

Our sustainability policy

We recognise and understand the importance of being responsible, sustainable and ethical in order to meet the needs of the present and leave a better environment for future generations. We are committed to providing a five star guest experience that makes a positive impact on the environment, society and economy.

We aim to..

  • Minimise greenhouse gas emissions - through an on-going program of energy efficiency improvements run by the Energy Working Group 
  • Promote resource efficiency - including water, electricity and raw materials, particularly those that are non-renewable
  • Divert waste from landfill and minimise waste production - by following the waste hierarchy 
  • Consider sustainability in the procurement of goods and services - by encouraging the use of ethical, fair trade and sustainably sourced products
  • Maintain, protect and promote biodiversity and the natural environment on site and across Lancashire
  • Support local business - by using local goods, services and promoting Lancashire tourism 
  • Support the local community - by providing jobs in the local area and supporting local community projects and charities where possible
  • Promoting Health and Wellness amongst employees, visitors and the local community 
  • Promote sustainable travel - by regularly servicing vehicles to maintain their efficiency and using electric vehicles where possible
  • Engage employees and visitors - by promoting environmentally responsible behaviours 
  • Train employees - to provide an excellent service and inform them of environmental issues that may affect their work
  • Promote our commitment to sustainability and the environment to customers, the general public and the tourism industry to encourage them to support our initiatives 
  • Continually improving our environmental performance - by reviewing new technologies and methods of business

What makes us green?


Since 2008 we have saved over 11,510,000kWh and 7,130,000Kg/CO2 in electricity and gas, through a program of retrofit and refurbishment. Improvements are now being steered by our Energy Working Group.


The main aim of our water management has been to improve our water infrastructure through metering and sub metering. Improvements have enabled us to implement a leak detection program in 2010 which has, since installation, detected 4 major leaks and over 50 minor leaks. In its first 6 months of operation the leak detection system prevented approx. 1.9 million litres of water running to ground annually.


Making sustainable choice in purchasing has been a top priority for many years. We use over 700 Lancashire based businesses to supply our goods and services and the majority of our food suppliers are Lancashire based. Many of our initiatives have centred on; increasing ordering efficiencies, reducing packaging, reducing product wastage and also reducing the amount of deliveries to the village.

Waste management

RHV launched its first recycling scheme in 2006, we now recycle 18 different wastes from fluorescent light bulbs to clothes and electrical items. In 2011 we introduced 'The Rocket' an accelerated composter which processes all our food waste into compost and in 2012 we become a zero to landfill company due to the diversion of all our waste away from landfill. Finally in 2014 due to the construction of a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF), we are now able to recycle yet more with the benefit of a less onerous separation process for all visitors.

Local community 

Ribby Hall Village employees have a strong desire to help their local community. Last year we raised over £9,000 for The North West Air Ambulance. This year our employees nominated Brian House Children's Hospice as our annual charity. Visit their website to find out more. Our Charity Committee works hard organising events and fundraisers for staff, visitors and the local community to take part in. So watch out for events such as Ribby's Got Talent, charity bake offs and sponsored walks.

Help us to be green

We at Ribby Hall Village are working to make our destination more eco-friendly but we need your help!

Conserve Energy

Switch off lights when leaving the room
Unplug electrical appliances when they're not in use
Turn heating off / down when leaving the room
Switch off the TV rather than leaving it on standby
Close the window if the heating is on
Air Con good practice - high is 21c low is 19c

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Think, 'can I use this again?'
Are there recycling facilities on site? (check the visitor handbook or ask at reception)
Think, 'is this really general waste or can it be recycled?'
Try to avoid overly packaged goods
Say no to that extra carrier bag
Use reusable 'bags for life'

Enjoy and respect nature

Enjoy, preserve and respect our beautiful grounds and countryside
Avoid dropping litter / if you notice litter pick it up
Guard against lighting fires
Use bridal paths with care