Nursery Curriculum

Our Nursery Practitioners are committed to providing an exceptional learning experience for every child. Our dedicated facility and unique environment provide endless opportunities for each child to explore, discover and learn at their own pace. 


Each child has a key-person, this is a specific member of the team who will plan activities for your child and will be able to speak with you at the end of the day. The key-person will also share information via Tapestry; an online platform our Nursery Practitioners and families use to share photos and information about your child's time at nursery and pre-school. You can expect to receive fortnightly updates and photos from your child's key-person. 


Our Aims 

All learning is achieved through play.   To establish excellent active relationships with parents whilst working together to provide the best outcomes for children.  
To provide a safe and happy environment for children to learn and develop, gaining confidence, independence and self-worth.     Follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  
To give children the opportunity to develop and appreciation of the world, learning about other cultures and showing respect towards the beliefs of others.   To provide a caring environment for our children's to grow and develop independently. Whilst enabling children's to have their own identity and encourage positive and socially acceptable behaviour.   



Learning through Play


There are countless opportunities for children to play; supporting their development, a sense of adventure and sparking their imagination. We make sure every child is able to express their own interests and play is both purposeful and rewarding. Our Nursery Practitioners will provide a range of challenging and enjoyable activities through a mix of child led and adult focused play. We continually review the environment and make sure children have the resources to be inspired, creative and curious.


✔ Sensory play

✔ Role play in the pretend kitchen and other themed spaces

✔ Painting 

✔ Sand and water station

✔ Music, singing and dancing 

✔ Little Yogis

✔ Outdoor adventure playgrounds



All our activities support the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework that ensures every child has the knowledge and skills they need to start school. Both our playtime and focused activities help develop communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development. As children grow, there'll be an increased focus on developing their literacy, mathematics, expressive arts and design skills and understanding of the world.


✔ Storytime  

✔ Themed activities covering different cultures, nations and world events

✔ Group discussions 

✔ Numeracy and literacy activities

✔ ICT room with iPads for interactive educational resources  


Nature School


Being outside and enjoying all that the natural world has to offer supports physical development, encourages active lifestyles and supports mental well-being. Our countryside location and holiday village setting, allows children the freedom to enjoy the outdoors safely. 


✔ Daily walks around the Village and through the woodland 

✔ Den building

✔ Visits to Mr McGregor’s Village Garden for nature focused activities

✔ Trips to Wild Discovery to learn about the animal world 

✔ Arts and crafts using natural resources 

✔ Gardening activities 



Parent Feedback

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