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Looking after you from the inside out...

Our team of experts allow us to provide more than just a spa experience. Wellbeing is something we take seriously and it's our mission to help you get on track to a healthy lifestyle. Our wellness clinic is fully equipped and ground floor accessible. 

As well as our specialist care treatments for people diagnosed with cancer or expectant mothers, we're trained in sports massage, holistic therapies and offer a range of other exciting treatments. 

Bespoke group packages and Ribby Hall Village Corporate Wellness packages are available, please call for more information.

Hypnotherapy (60 mins)

Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy which works with different parts of the client’s mind in order to create a change and improve wellbeing. Hypnosis is a completely safe and natural process and can make a real difference. It works with the subconscious to make life changes, break habits, reduce anxiety and emotional baggage. Pure relaxation - no stage show tricks! Essential for wellbeing and balance. Available Tuesday and Sunday evenings. Ask about block booking appointments.

Contact Gemma Webster on 07729 275909 or email

Anxiety Clinic (60 mins x4)

Four one-to-one sessions in our relaxation rooms with guided reflection time - an opportunity to answer key questions that will help overcome anxiety and prepare you for the treatment.

Sessions include:

- Learn what anxiety is

- Understand why anxiety is effecting you

- Learn techniques to control negative emotions

- Change anxious thoughts and outdated beliefs

- Break old patterns and reframe for a positive perspective

- Feel confident in coping with new or challenging situations

- Remain calm and positve

Four sessions available for £200

Contact Gemma Webster on 07729 275909 or email

Crystal Therapy (60 mins)

Crystal Therapy provides mental, emotional and physical ease. A sixty minute session using natural point and polished crystals for a full body chakra layout. Ideal for monthly relaxation and rejuvenation.

Contact Gemma Webster on 07729 275909 or email

Physiotherapy (45 mins)

Annie Steadman Bsc (Hons) & Bryan Steadman Bsc (Hons) are both highly experienced, fully qualified and registered with the Charted Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), The Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and all other major private insurance companies. Samples of conditions treated and assisted with include:

- Sports Injuries & injury prevention

- Back pain & sciatica

- Neck pain & whiplash

- Sprains & strains

- Movement disorders

- Pre & post op rehabilitation

- Postural pain

£45 for an initial 45 minute session including consultation and £35 per 30 min session thereafter.

To book an appointment or for further details please call 07484 227972 or email

Personal Training

Benefit from your very own personal training session from our Spa Hotel Gym with a qualified, experienced gym instructor, athletics endurance coach, personal trainer and two-time Olympian Helen Clitheroe. Individual sessions and courses available.

Contact Helen Clitheroe on 07949167051 or email

Price on request

Reiki (40 mins)

Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation, It stimulates the rest and repair response which can promote healing.

Reiki can either be hands-on or hands-off depending on the client's requirements. The beautiful healing art of Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means spiritual wisdom and life energy. During this therapy some clients experience a sensation of heat, warmth or tingling. Most clients experience a sensation of peace and calm. Reiki is a wonderful way to reconnect and enhance your overall wellbeing.

£40 for 40 minutes available Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9:45am-2:30pm and Thursday evening 6:30-9pm.

To book an appointment or for further details please call 07729 275909 or email


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