Set out below are the terms and conditions of Ribby Hall Village Privilege Card Scheme promoted and operated by Ribby Hall Village.

Last updated: October 2022

These Privilege Card Scheme Terms and Conditions (the Terms) should be read in conjunction with the General Terms and Conditions, made available via and details the specific terms on which you may participate in the Privilege Card Scheme (Scheme). PLEASE HAVE SPECIAL REGARD TO THE GENERAL TERMS.

Defined terms shall take the meaning given to them in the General Terms unless otherwise defined in these Terms:

Privilege Card means the card held by Privilege Cardholders and with which certain purchases may be made with Us.

Privilege Cardholders means members of the Scheme who are entitled to a Privilege Card.

Privilege Points means points accumulated through qualifying purchases made using the Privilege Card.

Scheme means the loyalty scheme operated by Us.

Accumulation of Privilege Points and Value

Your Privilege Card is personal to you and not for business use of any type. You may only have one Privilege Card at any one time for personal use and you may not transfer the Privilege Card or allow anyone else to use it.

You may accumulate Privilege Points on qualifying purchases whilst using the Privilege Card as follows:

a.     £1 of purchases is equal to 3 Privilege Points;

b.    Privilege Points can be accumulated over an indefinite period; and

c.     1 accumulated point is equal to 1 pence when redeeming.

You can only benefit from the Scheme if you present your Privilege Card to be swiped at the time of purchase when making a qualifying purchase. Failure to present you Privilege Card in time of a qualifying purchase will mean that Privilege Points will not be added. Privilege Points cannot be added retrospectively by presenting a receipt or other proof of purchase. Privilege Points promotions may only be used independent of one another.

If your Privilege Card has not been used in 2 years, We reserve the right to cancel the Privilege Card without notification. We will not exchange Privilege Points for cash and Privilege Points can only be redeemed at the Village.

Qualifying Purchases

Purchases made (using any form of tender) at the following premises in the Village are qualifying purchases:

a.     The Pancake Hut

b.    The Woodlands Suite;

c.     The Rowan Suite;

d.    Terrazza;

e.     The Hive & Treasures;

f.     The Orangery at the Spa Hotel;

g.    Harrison’s Bar & Terrace

h.    Blend Coffee House.

i.    Papa John’s Pizza.

We reserve the right to amend the list of premises listed above by removing and/or adding to it from time to time.

Please note we do not offer points accrual on overnight stays, spa bookings, activity bookings, health club membership purchases, holiday home sales or Spar Shop transactions.

Redemption of Privilege Points

You may redeem Privilege Points in full or part payment on qualifying purchases. Privilege Points must be redeemed in person and cannot be redeemed via telephone, mail order or online.

Deduction of Privilege Points

If you decide to return a product or are unhappy with a service provided, which you purchased in cash or through a debit or credit card, We will deduct the Privilege Points from your Privilege Card that you collected when you purchased the product or service.

Our Rights and Obligations in Operating the Scheme

We (at Our sole discretion) have the right to withdraw, cancel or change these Terms at any time.  You will be deemed to have accepted any changes or variations by your continued use of a Privilege Card.

We may at any time refuse or revoke your membership of the Scheme in which case the Privilege Points will be forfeited and any unused Privilege Points may be cancelled.

We will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from the termination of, or changes to, the Scheme or from the cancelation or revocation of Privilege Points and/or your membership of the Scheme.

We will not be liable for any unauthorised use of a Privilege Card and/or Privilege Points and you are strongly advised to keep your Privilege Card safe and secure. We may ask you for ID when using your card for security purposes.

Your Obligations in Participating in the Scheme

You are at all times whilst participating in the Scheme liable for any and all costs, charges, claims or liabilities of whatever nature arising from your membership of the Scheme.

You are solely responsible for any tax liability which may arise and for any other fees charged by government or non-governmental agencies as a result of your participation in the Scheme.

You are responsible for notifying Us of change of address and other personal details. We will not be responsible for any loss of a Privilege Card or current cash balance as a result of your failure to notify us of such change.

You will be responsible for any loss or theft of a Privilege Card and should notify Us as soon as reasonably practicable. Once We have been notified of a lost Privilege Card, a replacement will be will be issued as soon as possible and all remaining Privilege Points will be transferred.

By participating in the Scheme you consent to Us (and (where applicable) where and to the extent that you have positively opted-in for Us to do so):

a.     retaining any information provided by you including but not limited to details of purchases made;

b.    use of any information to offer you products and services that are likely to be of interest; and

c.     and for market and research purposes.

If you have provided email and mobile telephone details to Us, you may (where you have positively opted-in to do so) receive emails and SMS from Us about Our services. You can withdraw your consent to receive these communications at any time without affecting your ability to participate in the Scheme by contacting Us. We will not pass information to any third party.

Company information

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