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Lovely Weather for Ducks

Posted on May 31st, 2012

We all new that the fabulous weather couldn’t last forever, another weekend would have been nice, but the gardens need the rain, and the ducks don’t seem to mind.

“How much for the cottage overlooking the pond?”


Seeing the cheeky ducks on the Village is one of the things that many of our guests look forward to, and feeding the ducks at the local park is often one of our first experiences of nature when we’re little. It surprised me to find out that these unnofficial symbols of Ribby are in fact on the amber list of species of conservation concern, due to a recent drop in their poulation nationally.

Our own Dizzy Duck, an endangered species?


This made me wonder which other birds on the lists of birds of conservation concern we are home to or visited by here at Ribby, and the results surprised me.

Red Listed Species Amber Listed Species

Herring Gull

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Song Thrush


House Sparrow

Tree Sparrow



Black Headed Gul

lCommon Gull

Stock Dove

Barn Owl




It makes me glad that I live and work in a place that is home to so many different species.

Next week is the RSPBs ‘Make Your Nature Count’ week, so why not come along on Tuesday or Wednesday and meet Jen, she’ll help you to spot these and some other species on the Village, and maybe even inspire you to have a go at a bit of nature spoting in your garden when you get home.

And just because these guys got such a lovely reaction on our Facebook page, here are some of our, thankfully thriving, mallard youngsters.


Bundles of Cute Fluffyness!

Here’s hoping we’ll see the sunshine again soon!


We found Keith!

Posted on May 23rd, 2012

The Elusive Keith

He exists! He really does! now that the threat of frost has completely passed (we hope) Keith has been able to get some of the young plants out into the beds, when we found him he was putting in some of the flowers that are used on the tables in some of our restaurants, but I spied in the greenhouse some other bits and pieces including leeks, pak choi and courgettes.

Ready to go out


Out in the garden, I was stunned by the range of the colour in the chard

Rainbow Chard!

I promise you, this photo is in no way doctored, that pink is amazing! can you imagine seeing this on your plate? It’s absolutely stunning!

In my state of foodie rapture, i did take quite a few pictures of food that’s not quire ready to eat yet. :)

Tomatoes to be
Red, Black or White currents?

As well as some that is! (or nearly)

After your meal…?

Rhubarb, I can taste it with homemade ice-cream!

Or do you prefer something savory…?

Caramelised Onion Chutney with your Lancashire Cheeseboard?

I’ve gone and made myself hungry again haven’t I?

Lydia x

May or March?

Posted on May 17th, 2012

We’ve been having some pretty interesting weather here these last couple of weeks, with cold wet and windy being the order of the day. I know that here in Lancashire we’re not exactly strangers to a spot of rain, and that some places have had snow this week(!) but I’m British, so have to comment on the weather.

In a rare break in the clouds I decided to clear my head and use the blog as an excuse to have a walk around The Village. I love that I get to work in a place that has such a lot of grounds, being in 106 acres means that you can stretch your legs on your lunch break and really feel like you’ve been out.

Weather for Ducks?

All of the wet weather seems to have agreed with the young family that came to meet me as I walked up towards the Spa Hotel, these youngsters were really very friendly and came really close to me as I stopped to take a picture, mum stayed a little further back and was quacking away, as if to say “now don’t you go too close to that human, you really don’t know where it’s been”

The wildflowers seem to be doing well too.

Floral Carpet

My photography isn’t great in this one, but I love these delicate little blue flowers and couldn’t leave them out of the post, especially as I managed to take the picture without getting stung by the nettles, I kept having to remind myself, they’re good for the butterflies!

I’m hoping the weather might improve soon, spring’s almost left us and I don’t feel like I’ve had much chance to enjoy it at all.



April Showers Bring May Flowers

Posted on May 8th, 2012

After the bank holiday weekend it can seem like a little bit of a flop getting back into the swing of work, so I decided to take advantage of the dry morning that we’re having and see just what is going on around The Village, sure that I would see a wealth of wildlife. My journey into work this morning assured me that Ribby would be alive, I saw shellduck roosting on one field and lapwing with the fluffy suggestion of a chick in another so I was hopeful.

My first stop was the Village Garden which has benefitted from the sun/rain combination of recent weeks. The trees surrounding the garden were heavy with birdsong. I heard and saw quite a lot of our usual favorites, The blackbirds were flitting about in the damp grass and singing to each other, the shyer blue tits and great tits were in song and the robins, that we usually associate with Christmas, were enjoying a perch on the fence surrounding the garden and in full voice.

I do love this time of year.


I was hoping to catch up with Keith when I got to the Garden, but he must have been at the poly-tunnel as all I could find were his tools, ah well, perhaps he’s camera shy? Never mind, I took the opportunity to have a poke around and see what’s going on

The trouble with organic gardening

It looks like the caterpillars anre enjoying the cabbages!

Getting ready to go out!

The Greenhouse it looking very productive, I’m quite tempted to buy some of the extra plants, I’ve seen them for sale in the foyer of the Village Life Shop.

Which current is this?

As I was wandering around the garden it suddenly dawned on me that I had come out today to have a look for wildlife and I’ve ended up making myself slightly hungry and feeling a bit guilty for neglecting my little vegetable patch at home. The weeds are taking over a bit there!

On my way back to the office I saw some swallows performing their areal acrobatics over the equestrian centre’s paddock, I wonder if they’ll be nesting on the Admin building again this year, It really is a sign of spring (summer?) when we start to see these guys appear back from their wintering grounds in South Africa, with a bit of luck they’ll have brought some good weather too.

Have a great week


Welcome to our Green Blog!

Posted on May 1st, 2012

Here at Ribby Hall Village we’ve been enjoying spring, there are bluebells in bloom and blossom on the trees and this years first batch of ducklings have arrived along with the swallows!

We’re going to be using this blog to keep you up to date with the greener side of The Village, wildlife spots, pictures, projects and activities to help you to enjoy your holiday in the greenest way possible. If there’s anything you’d like covered in the blog, or if you just want to say ‘hi’ feel free to drop me a line

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